Think back to your favorite concert. What made that night so special? What was it for you? At some point, you looked around the venue at all the people watching and listening with you, this beautiful sea of people with their different colors and shapes and sizes. Then, below all that, their different drives and passions, their different beliefs and values. Yet everyone’s there—with you, vibing together over the love of this music, this message, this messenger. Everyone’s totally… 



The impact lingers. Well after the encore, the final bows, the last T-shirt sold, the last car to leave the lot—it lingers. You could bump into someone 10 years later who says, “I was at that show!” and feel an instant connection. And so much of it—maybe even all of it—was built on…engagement.

You’ve probably felt that kind of engagement, at different levels, in other parts of your life. You’ve probably felt moments of it at work. But maybe it was fleeting. 

If you wanted to create that kind of high-level engagement—let’s call it rockstar engagement—in your company and create it consistently, how would you go about doing it? How could you create a reliable, dependable rockstar-level of engagement?

Brant Menswar has spent the last three years analyzing the responses of over 10,000 employees who have taken his Black Sheep Values Assessment in order to discover what the underlying values and motivations are that drive rockstar engagement in high-performing companies.

Those discoveries—along with Brant’s years of experience helping high-performing companies like Microsoft, Netflix, NASA and so many others increase employee job satisfaction through his coaching and keynotes—have led Brant to create a keynote performance that is the final word on what companies and their teams need to do to develop self-perpetuating rockstar engagement.

And as a former rockstar himself who has performed to sold-out crowds across America and who has experienced firsthand that coming together of an audience, that full engagement around a common purpose, Brant himself is a master of engagement.

With his road worn touring guitar, his smokey velvet voice, and a singer-songwriter’s knack for enchanting an audience with great storytelling and pulling lessons from our shared human experience, Brant is going to reveal to your attendees the three areas in all high-performing companies that, with proper development, lead to rockstar engagement.

He’ll show everyone how to:

➢    Define and create a high-performance culture powered by 5 Environmental Elements
➢    Shift the team mindset from half-hearted compliance to whole-hearted contribution
➢    Build a culture of resilience and encouragement to battle uncertainty 

Every participant will discover their own Flock of Five Black Sheep Values™ that give their life purpose and meaning, using the assessment Brant developed that has shown over 10,000 people how to live every day of their lives according to their non-negotiable values.

Rockstar Engagement isn’t just a keynote, it’s a performance in three acts meticulously crafted to uplift, inspire, and lead your attendees to find everything they need to engage with their values, their work, and each other at the highest level… and to find it all within themselves.




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Want to take your event to the next level? 

Brant's sessions can be customized to include books, t-shirts, hats, journals, coffee mugs and more! 

All on the theme of being an authentic ORIGINAL.

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