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2024 Brant Menswar
Sizzle Reel


Create unforgettable moments with a FLASH MOB CHOIR and designated MOMENT[UM] STATIONS set up to capture shareable moments to give your
conference the momentum it deserves!


Unstoppable Momentum: Transforming Potential into Performance

Themes: Motivational, Inspirational, Culture, Team-Building

Do you ever wonder what the single moment was that changed everything for some of the world's most successful organizations and entrepreneurs? What happened during that moment that created unstoppable momentum? How did they prepare to capture the moment and inspire engagement so powerful, it catapulted them into extraordinary success?


In this compelling, interactive session, best-selling author, award-winning musician and master storyteller, Brant Menswar, reveals the incredible truth behind some of the world's most successful companies. You will learn the 3 powerful steps shared by EVERY organization's success and how to create the same momentum within your professional and personal life. This high-

On stage performance.png

energy keynote is filled with live music and ground-breaking research that will inspire you to capture moments of opportunity and transform potential into extraordinary performance.



  • Identify transformational moments as they happen to strategically accelerate results.

  • Crush your inner critic to improve self-efficacy and increase performance up to 30%.

  • Build the "3 Bridges of Connection" to create a powerful emotional connection for deeper more meaningful relationships with clients and co-workers.  

  • Share the moment strategically to amplify momentum, encourage collaboration and crush your goals.


Momentum Making Keynote Features:

  • Surprise "Flash Mob Choir" (made up of willing conference participants) that creates an unforgettable keynote moment

  • 3 custom brandable "Momentum Stations" (see image below) tied to the "3 Bridges of Connection" set up around the conference to capture moments and drive momentum for the event.​

    • Belonging Station - Designed for photos to be taken and shared via social media with custom hashtags.

    • Meaning Station - Designed as a sticky note wall for participants to write what gives their work meaning.

    • Purpose Station - Designed to capture short videos of participants expressing why they believe in the work of the organization. 

Momentum Stations.png


Authentic AI: How Human Values Amplify Artificial Results

Themes: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership

In a world increasingly driven by artificial intelligence, the intersection of technology and human values has never been more critical. Join Brant Menswar, acclaimed speaker, author, and thought leader, for an insightful and transformative keynote session that explores how embedding core human values into AI systems can lead to more ethical, effective, and impactful outcomes. Drawing from his extensive research and experience in leadership and values-based decision-making, Brant will illustrate the importance of authenticity in AI development and its profound impact on shaping a future where technology serves humanity's highest ideals.

Attendees will discover:


  •  The pivotal role human values play in guiding AI innovation and implementation.

  •  Strategies for integrating authenticity into AI to enhance trust, fairness, and transparency.

  •  Real-world examples where values-driven AI has led to breakthrough results.

  •  Practical tools and frameworks to ensure AI initiatives align with organizational and societal values.

Building an Unbreakable Culture: Transforming Your Business From the Inside Out 

Themes: Inspirational, Culture, Team-Building

Renowned culture expert and bestselling author, Brant Menswar, has delved into the minds of more than 10,000 employees to uncover the secrets of building a resilient, adaptable, values-based culture. His extensive research, coupled with his experience helping top organizations like Microsoft, Netflix, and NASA improve employee satisfaction, has resulted in a comprehensive keynote on creating an unbreakable culture.

In this high-energy engaging presentation, Brant shares the insights gleaned from his research through real-life examples, powerful videos, and interactive exercises. Participants will discover the importance of knowing your non-negotiables in driving organizational performance and leave with actionable strategies for establishing an unbreakable culture within their own organization including:


  • The 5 Binding Values of an unbreakable culture.

  • How to discover your non-negotiables and use them to quickly pivot during times of change.

  • How to foster vulnerability and courage within your team.

Influential Connection: How to Forge Deeper, More Meaningful Bonds
with Clients and Co-Workers

Themes: Inspirational, Culture, Connection

In today's new work landscape, it's easy to feel disconnected and isolated. What if you could use the power of connection to create a stronger, more impactful network of relationships? In this high-energy, interactive keynote, you will learn the concept of "Influential Connection" and how to use it to create and receive more meaningful contributions while working with others. You will discover the importance of authentic communication, shared values, and deliberate intention in creating the optimum collaborative environment. You will walk away with practical tips and strategies for building and maintaining these relationships in your own life. Unleash the power of Influential Connection and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life at work and home. Key takeaways include:


  • Understanding the 3 Drivers of Influence and how to improve them.

  • How to bridge the "Values Gap" for maximum impact.

  • How to go beyond "Trusted Advisor" to "Indispensable Partner."

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