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2024 Brant Menswar
Sizzle Reel


Building an Unbreakable Culture: Transforming Your Business From the Inside Out 

Themes: Inspirational, Culture, Team-Building

Renowned culture expert and bestselling author, Brant Menswar, has delved into the minds of more than 10,000 employees to uncover the secrets of building a resilient, adaptable, values-based culture. His extensive research, coupled with his experience helping top organizations like Microsoft, Netflix, and NASA improve employee satisfaction, has resulted in a comprehensive keynote on creating an unbreakable culture.

In this high-energy engaging presentation, Brant shares the insights gleaned from his research through real-life examples, powerful videos, and interactive exercises. Participants will discover the importance of knowing your non-negotiables in driving organizational performance and leave with actionable strategies for establishing an unbreakable culture within their own organization including:


  • The 5 Binding Values of an unbreakable culture.

  • How to discover your non-negotiables and use them to quickly pivot during times of change.

  • How to foster vulnerability and courage within your team.

Building Extraordinary Teams - Turning Workplaces Into Powerhouses of Unity, Innovation, and Achievement.

Themes: Teamwork, Leadership, Inspirational

Best-selling author and beacon for collaborative, connected cultures, Brant Menswar takes you on a vital expedition across "The 5 Bridges of Connection" in this high-energy, heart-stirring keynote. This isn't just a talk—it's a blueprint for building an indomitable team spirit that turns workplaces into powerhouses of unity, innovation, and shared success. Brant invites you to cross five fundamental bridges that transform individual contributors and "silo culture" into cohesive units of purpose-driven subject matter experts. Dive deep into the Bridges of Belonging, Engagement, Significance, Meaning and Purpose. "Stronger Teams" is a call to action for those who believe that the most extraordinary results are born from the spirit of connection and collaboration. This keynote is a celebration of human connection, an ode to the power of unity, and an initiation into the world of unparalleled teamwork. In crossing these bridges together, we'll unlock the extraordinary potential of our collective strengths. Get ready to be part of a movement that doesn't just aim for incremental improvement, but for an exponential leap in how we achieve, innovate, and grow—stronger, together.


Features:- Laugh-out-loud stories- Powerful crafted moments that connect us - Live Interactive surveys and audience participation- Powerful video and visuals

Authentic Engagement: The Performance Amplifier

Themes: Inspirational, Team-Building, Engagement

In an age of carefully curated personas and social media highlight reels, authenticity can seem like a lost virtue. Yet daring authenticity remains the ultimate competitive advantage. In this empowering keynote, best-selling author and personal development expert, Brant Menswar, explores how vulnerability, candor, and embracing our true selves unlock exponential growth - both personally and professionally. With humor and heart, audiences will learn counterintuitive lessons on how embracing our personal and organizational values foster innovation, loyalty and purpose. When we honor our unique stories, we inspire others to embrace theirs as well. Filled with high-energy impact, eye-opening interactive LIVE research and inspiring case studies, this talk calls us to bring all of who we are into everything we do. The future belongs to the bold, not the perfect. It's time to go all in on being daringly authentic. 


Features:- Live music- Live Interactive surveys and audience participation- Powerful video and visuals

Legacy-Worthy Leadership: How to Serve with Heart, Align with Purpose & Inspire Your Team

Themes: Purpose, Leadership, Inspirational

True leadership puts serving others first, while still driving business results. In this insightful keynote, best-selling author and leadership development expert, Brant Menswar, shares his proven blueprint for values-driven leadership that delivers extraordinary profits powered by purpose. With high-energy, humor, and wisdom, Brant reveals how to build a thriving organization by staying true to your values, developing people and leading with heart. Discover how to foster trust, ignite passion in your team, and authentically connect your company’s purpose to solving clients’ problems. Packed with real-world examples of purpose-led businesses, Brant provides a roadmap to define your core values, hire those who embody them, and embed purpose into every aspect of operations. Audiences will learn how serving people ultimately serves the bottom line. Profit is not the goal, but the natural result of empowering your people to deliver meaningful work. Leadership is about unleashing the potential in others. Attendees will leave motivated to serve with heart, armed with strategies to align culture to purpose and lead their organization to new heights.


Features:- Laugh-out-loud stories- Proven formula for choosing your purpose- Live Interactive surveys and audience participation- Powerful video and visuals

Influential Connection: How to Forge Deeper, More Meaningful Bonds with Clients and Co-Workers

Themes: Inspirational, Culture, Connection

In today's new work landscape, it's easy to feel disconnected and isolated. What if you could use the power of connection to create a stronger, more impactful network of relationships? In this high-energy, interactive keynote, you will learn the concept of "Influential Connection" and how to use it to create and receive more meaningful contributions while working with others. You will discover the importance of authentic communication, shared values, and deliberate intention in creating the optimum collaborative environment. You will walk away with practical tips and strategies for building and maintaining these relationships in your own life. Unleash the power of Influential Connection and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life at work and home. Key takeaways include:


  • Understanding the 3 Drivers of Influence and how to improve them.

  • How to bridge the "Values Gap" for maximum impact.

  • How to go beyond "Trusted Advisor" to "Indispensable Partner."

10X Client Magnetism: How to Become so Bleeping Good They Can't Ignore You - A Playbook for Winning Clients and Crushing the Competition

Themes: Sales, Service, Connection

In the fiercely competitive world of business, standing out to clients is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. "10X Client Magnetism: How to Become so Bleeping Good They Can't Ignore You" is not just a keynote; it's a battle cry for professionals who aspire to elevate their impact and influence.

In this dynamic presentation, best-selling author and connection expert, Brant Menswar immerses you in a playbook designed to skyrocket your appeal and make your business irresistible to potential clients. This isn't about incremental improvements; it's about making quantum leaps in how you attract and retain clientele. With a bold and no-nonsense approach, this high-energy keynote will unravel the secrets behind leveraging the art of influential connection and utilizing cutting-edge strategies in personal branding to amplify your visibility and authority. 

This keynote is a goldmine for any professional eager to dominate their niche. It's about understanding the core principles of client connection, and aligning your business strategy to become the epicenter of demand. Prepare to take notes and transform your approach as you learn to become so bleeping good, they can't ignore you. 


Features:- Laugh-out-loud stories- Powerful crafted moments that connect us - Live Interactive surveys and audience participation- Powerful video and visuals

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