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In today's ultra competitive world, having an Executive Coach isn't just beneficial—it's transformative. Imagine having a trusted partner who deeply understands your challenges, someone who can help you navigate the complexities of leadership with empathy and courage. An Executive Coach provides tailored guidance, helping you unlock your unique strengths and make decisions with clarity and conviction. They offer candid, unbiased feedback, fostering a culture of continuous growth and authentic leadership. This isn't just about professional success; it's about becoming the best version of yourself. By investing in an Executive Coach, you're not just committing to goals—you're embracing a journey of profound personal and organizational impact. 

Our Executive Impact Coaching is designed to amplify your impact within your organization through values-based leadership practices. We will customize your program based on our exclusive "5 Elements of Impact" that include: 


Non-Negotiable Values Discovery

Black Sheep Values™ Assessment: Identify your 5 non-negotiable values to make fast deliberate decisions that align with what matters most to you.

Tailored Coaching

Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions: Having an outlet OUTSIDE your organization to have open, real, raw conversations is a healthy way to unburden yourself and get honest feedback from someone without a dog in the fight.Your time is your most valuable asset. Each week, we will have focused time-sensitive sessions tailored to your specific challenges and goals.


Condensed Book Summaries: Having time to read all the relevant books in your space is next to impossible with your schedule. We will provide exclusive access to our "Lazy Library" with broken-down key learning points from the most impactful personal development books available.


Presentation and Narrative Training: We will help you understand how to craft and share personal stories to build a talk or presentation for maximum impact and emotional connection with unprecedented retention.


Personal Brand Building: We will provide weekly curated content including relevant articles, quotes, and memes that resonate and align with your values that can be shared with your team.

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My coaching sessions are focused, powerful conversations designed to move you forward quickly with deliberate intention. I have spent years advising executives who need an unbiased outside resource to bounce thoughts and ideas off. The truth is, no one knows YOU better than YOU. However, having someone in your corner to ask the tough questions and deliver the unfiltered truth is not only's necessary.


My clients are dynamic leaders who want to make deeper more impactful connections to their teams and organizations. They want to inspire and motivate people to amplify their belief in the organization and themselves. These sessions will help you clarify what your non-negotiables are and teach you how to engage through them to bring forth an authenticity that resonates well beyond a corporate rah-rah session. We will help you identify and connect to your personal brand to maximize your impact and become the lecagy-worthy leader you were meant to be.

“Absolutely loved!!!  This was an amazing session filled with so much good content, things I wasn't even thinking about, but will completely change my business and my life!”

- Imaging USA 

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