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Personal & Professional Development

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We all possess a "Flock of 5" Black Sheep Values®. What are yours?


In the tapestry of modern business, the threads that hold the most intricate patterns are the non-negotiable values that define us. Unearthing these core principles is a journey of profound discovery—a quest not just to identify what we stand for, but to live it, breathe it, and demonstrate its truth through every action, decision, and interaction.

For leaders and teams alike, identifying these non-negotiables is a compass setting that guides both corporate strategy and personal conduct. It's about digging deep to find the bedrock of your character and letting that authenticity inform your leadership style, business practices, and the way you engage with colleagues and clients alike.

Proving the reality of these values comes from consistency—the unbroken line of actions that speak louder than any mission statement. It's found in the moments of truth when tough decisions align with your foundational beliefs, even when it's challenging or counter to the prevailing winds. It's evident when your team looks to you and sees the embodiment of these principles, not just in what you say, but in the integrity of your day-to-day operations.

But the true power of these non-negotiable values is realized when they're used to forge a unique contribution, a signature impact that only you and your organization can make. At work, this might manifest as a distinctive service ethos, an innovative product line that reflects your commitment to sustainability, or a team culture that's zealously inclusive and diverse. At home, it could be the way you prioritize family time, engage in your community, or advocate for causes that resonate with your core beliefs.


In essence, these values become your north star, providing direction and purpose to both your professional and personal life. They are the silent partners in every choice, the unsung heroes in every success, and the unwavering guardians of your legacy.


For Individuals

Black Sheep Values™ Discovery

Brant assists individuals in a quest to excavate and understand their deepest driving forces, going beyond the surface to unearth what truly motivates and fulfills them.

Dynamic Life Integration

Through personalized coaching, Brant supports clients in seamlessly integrating their discovered Black Sheep Values™ into every aspect of their life, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious existence.

Individualized Empowerment Strategies

Brant equips clients with tailored strategies to assert their values confidently in both their personal and professional lives, empowering them to become staunch advocates for their core beliefs.

For Individuals

Personal Purpose Crafting

He guides clients through the process of crafting a clear and compelling personal purpose that is deeply rooted in their unique values, offering a north star for decision-making and growth.

Authentic Impact Development

For those seeking to make a mark, Brant offers strategic counsel on how to develop a genuine and lasting impact on their surroundings, leveraging their unique values as a powerful tool for influence and change.


For Organizations

Black Sheep Values™ Identification

Helping clients uncover their unique set of non-negotiable values that define their authentic selves.

Purposeful Alignment

Guiding clients to align their actions and decisions with their Black Sheep Values™ to live a purpose-driven life.

Authentic Relationships Building

Fostering genuine connections with others by expressing and respecting one's Black Sheep Values™ and recognizing the values of others.

For Organizations

Intentional Goals Setting

Assisting in the creation of personal and professional goals that resonate with the individual's core values and purpose.

Values-Driven Leadership

Encouraging leaders to infuse their Black Sheep Values™ into their leadership style, team culture, and organizational vision.



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Based on the highly influential book,

The high-octane, entertaining how-to guide from Brant Menswar that delivers one-of-a-kind wisdom for living the amazing life you were always meant to live. Learn how to identify the non-negotiables that are at your core, to live with deliberate intention, and practically manifest what matters to you most. Discover what makes you an extraordinary original and how being uniquely yourself is a power you can set free for success, every day.

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Your Coach

Brant Menswar is a transformative coach and a beacon for personal and corporate evolution, specializing in one-on-one sessions and group workshops that propel leaders and their teams toward peak performance. Renowned as a best-selling author with a certification in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, Brant is celebrated as one of America's top speakers. His commitment to leading half a million people to identify and live by their non-negotiable values is the cornerstone of his coaching philosophy.


Brant's individual coaching sessions are intimate, powerful explorations into the heart of what drives success and fulfillment. For corporate groups, he crafts bespoke experiences that unify teams around shared values and objectives, creating a strong foundation for trust and collaboration. His dynamic approach weaves together the threads of groundbreaking research and soul-stirring narratives, lighting a fire of motivation and commitment among participants.


With a track record spanning over a decade of strategic partnerships with elite global brands, Brant's expertise lies in his ability to catalyze a connection to one's core values, ignite engagement, and unlock exponential personal and organizational growth. Whether coaching a CEO through a pivotal transformation or inspiring an entire company to embrace change, Brant Menswar's engaging methodologies and actionable insights translate into a powerful blueprint for realizing the extraordinary.

“Even if you believe that you have clarity on your core values and purpose or that your company’s culture is in a good place, Brant’s insights and passion for impacting lives and offering hope for a better future will take your business and life to the next level.  By identifying my “non-negotiables,” I’ve witnessed the effect first hand with our company and with my family.”

- Kyle Smith - CEO - Nothing Bundt Cakes

We invite you to begin a partnership that is rooted in genuine connection and sustained by a shared commitment to your growth. Let us be the catalyst for your transformation, providing both the support and accountability needed to transcend the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary.

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