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Unbreakable Leadership

Plan an Executive Team Off-site Retreat!

This immersive learning journey is filled with "A-ha" moments, Ivy league proven processes, step-by-step instruction, peer-to-peer connection and research-driven action plans to forge you into an unbreakable leader. 

We didn't stop at providing a transformational leadership development program. We wanted to provide an experience as unique as you are! That's why our mastermind includes one-of-a-kind opportunities like:


  • Wine Tasting Adventure

  • Private Concert by Nashville's Top Hit Songwriters

  • VIP Swag Bag

An All Inclusive* Leadership Development Experience

  • All meals and accommodations provided

  • Wine tasting and concert included

  • All learning materials provided

  • 1-on-1 session with Founder, Brant Menswar included

  • Exclusive access to Black Sheep Foundry™ on-line community and private Mastermind group

  • VIP swag bag included


* Excluding travel

Traditional Library

Unbreakable Leadership 
Mastermind Curriculum

Module 1:
Values-Based Leadership

  • Core Values: Understanding What Matters Most

  • Non-Negotiables: A Hierarchy of Importance

  • Favorites: Confirming What We Believe Is True

  • Dis'TRAP'tions: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Module 2:
Purpose & Productivity

  • Choosing Your Purpose: Stop Winging It

  • Practical Manifestation: Being Deliberate With Your Intention

Module 3:

  • Connection: Defining Your Network

  • Aligning Your Network: Finding The Amplifiers

  • Integrity: Creating A Safe Space

  • Authenticity: The Path To Unique Contribution

  • Personal Growth: Using Hope To Drive Results

  • Creativity: Empowering Your People

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Immersive Unique Experiences

"Come to Your Senses"

Wine Tasting Adventure

Our 5 senses leave breadcrumbs towards our Black Sheep Values™. This exclusive wine tasting experience led by Lester Family Cellars co-founder, Holly Lester, is designed to connect our senses to the subtle intricacies in some of her best wines.

Nashville Hit Songwriters
"Stories & Songs" Concert

Being a part of The Foundry has it's this private intimate

"Stories & Songs" concert by some of Nashville's biggest names in songwriting.


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