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Office Work
Office Work

Take The Impact Well Beyond The Keynote.

Black Sheep Foundry offers continuous education programs from 90 days to 12 months. All of our offerings are mobile-friendly private environments designed specifically for each client to supplement your current learning and development platform. 

Traditional Library

Unbreakable Leadership 
Program Curriculum

Module 1:
Values-Based Leadership

  • Core Values: Understanding What Matters Most

  • Non-Negotiables: A Hierarchy of Importance

  • Favorites: Confirming What We Believe Is True

  • Dis'TRAP'tions: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Module 2:
Purpose & Productivity

  • Choosing Your Purpose: Stop Winging It

  • Practical Manifestation: Being Deliberate With Your Intention

Module 3:

  • Connection: Defining Your Network

  • Aligning Your Network: Finding The Amplifiers

  • Integrity: Creating A Safe Space

  • Authenticity: The Path To Unique Contribution

  • Personal Growth: Using Hope To Drive Results

  • Creativity: Empowering Your People

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