Brant's keynote sessions are fully customized for your organization and industry. Current sessions include the following offerings


Title: Effortless Adaptability: The Undiscovered Path To Rock Star Resilience

Just as the band is about to launch into their big hit, an unexpected surge knocks out the power rendering a thousand screaming fans silent in the dark. The lead singer calmly tells everyone to turn on their phone flashlights, walks to the front of the stage, sits down, grabs an acoustic guitar and performs the most incredible version of that song you’ve ever heard. Why didn’t he panic under the unintentional change? How was he able to adapt in an instant and somehow perform even better? True rock stars have discovered the secret to defining the “what and why” so the “how” can pivot on a moment’s notice. The global pandemic has made it more important than ever to be able to adapt quickly and effectively. In this powerful, highly interactive virtual experience, Brant Menswar uses live music, cinematic multi-camera views and engaging chat and video to reveal the undiscovered path to rock star resilience.

Attendee takeaways include:

  • How our "Black Sheep Values” guide and strengthen us

  • Why our internal “GPS” fails

  • How to adapt and consistently pivot when things change

  • Discover your Flock of Five with the interactive on-line assessment with full report

  • Digital Black Sheep Workbook and Purpose Generator


Organizational takeaways include:

  • Detailed "Black Sheep Values Map" of members' personal core values (broken down by age range and gender)

  • Detailed engagement suggestions based on members' values


Title: Values-Based Leadership: Better Decisions, Instinctive Motivation and Extraordinary Results

Successful leaders understand the importance of discovering personal values. Values are at the center of our decision-making process, help us manage our feelings and are our most natural motivator. Using our values to foster a stronger connection empowers our people to action. When organizations and employees align themselves through shared values, we see increased performance around a sense of united purpose. Do you know what your employees’ non-negotiable values actually are?

In this highly-interactive session Brant uses data collected through a brief, on-line, pre-session assessment to create an Organizational Values Map that provides clarity on what matters most to employees. Leaders learn how to build bridges between employee and organizational values through a specific framework for action. This high energy session provides laugh-out-loud moments, introspective opportunities and a clear path to better decisions, instinctive motivation and extraordinary results.

Attendees walk away with actionable steps to:

  • Discover their Flock of Five "Black Sheep Values"

  • Distinguish authentic values from aspirational values

  • Powerfully engage with organizational values

  • Program action with deliberate intention


Attendee bonus material:

  • Digital values tracking workbook

  • Digital purpose statement generator

  • Digital unique contribution worksheet (Connecting personal and organizational values)


Organizational bonus material:

  • Black Sheep Values Map of Organization with detailed data


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