All of my high-energy, interactive keynote sessions include a short private on-line values assessment with an instant personalized report for each participant. They will discover their "Flock of 5" non-negotiable values (what they truly care about). I call these our Black Sheep Values®. My sessions highlight what the data revealed and teaches how to program these values into each day for a higher level of performance.

In addition, every organization will receive a custom report of the Top 5 Shared Values of their people. The report is separated by gender and 10-year age range and provides suggestions on how to engage these values for stronger commitment, higher performance and increased retention.


Title: Building Bridges: The Fastest Path To High Performance

The world has changed. The difficulty of the last year has increased the need to perform at the highest level…NOW! High performing organizations share 3 powerful traits: a united purpose, focused collaboration and enduring resiliency. The challenge is we attempt to achieve these things by addressing behaviors rather than the real driver of performance…our non-negotiable values. The truth is we perform at our best when we care about the work and feel like we can make a meaningful contribution.


In this highly-interactive session Brant uses data collected through a brief, private, on-line pre-session assessment that reveals the 5 non-negotiable values of every attendee. The data is brought together to create a "Values Map” of the organization. Attendees learn how to build bridges between personal and organizational values through a specific framework for action. This high energy session provides laugh-out-loud moments, introspective opportunities and a clear path to better self-awareness, unique contribution, stronger adaptability and extraordinary performance.


Attendees walk away with actionable steps to:

  • Discover their Flock of Five non-negotiable "Black Sheep Values” (Private report included)

  • Choose a purpose aligned with what matters most

  • Use your values to provide unique contribution 

  • Program action with deliberate intention


Attendee bonus material:

  • Digital values tracking workbook

  • Digital purpose statement generator

  • Digital “Bridge Building" worksheet (Connecting personal and organizational values)


Organizational bonus material:

  • Organizational Values Map with detailed data




Want to take your event to the next level? 

Brant's sessions can be customized to include books, t-shirts, hats, journals, coffee mugs and more! 

All on the them of being an authentic ORIGINAL.

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