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Propel Yourself Over Every Obstacle and Into Your Success

A 7-Week LIVE Group Coaching Program

That Will Change Your Life

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How many more times are you going to allow the less qualified, less talented and less dedicated people rise above you?


Don't you believe you are deserving of more?


You have the ambition, the talent, the desire...and...a strategy that is obsolete.


This is why you constantly experience the frustration and disappointment that take the wind out of your sails and lure you into thinking that THIS is the best your life can be.


Mediocrity isn't so bad.

You might struggle from time to time but you aren't living in survival mode.

Maybe you should just accept that this level of success is what you're made for.

The world has changed...and so should your strategy.

We live in a world that is increasingly unpredictable, where plans, no matter how meticulously crafted, can be rendered irrelevant in the blink of an eye. This constant state of flux can be overwhelming, even paralyzing, especially for those of us who are accustomed to thinking in terms of grand, long-term plans. We're taught from a young age that success is the result of careful planning and unwavering diligence; that we must map out every step of our journey towards our goals. Yeah...but...

There is a better way.

A way that not only acknowledges the unpredictability of life but embraces it, and uses it to our advantage. What if we could create a moment that could change everything and catapult you over all of the less talented, less qualified, less dedicated people and into the next level of success? Are you ready to level up your life? If I'm being honest, some of us are not. Some of us are content to be "in the middle" and simply live our lives. If this is what you truly want, there is nothing wrong with that. However...THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU.


What this program will teach you will shatter that glass ceiling and have you climbing the ladder of success to uncomfortable heights.


If THAT is what you are looking for...if THAT is the type of life you feel you were meant to live...grab your hammer.


Moment Moment[um]™, our proprietary method of crushing your goals, sheds the constraints of traditional planning and teaches you to catapult yourself forward by capturing the power of transformational moments. While everyone else is checking their "life plans," you will be strategically navigating life moment to moment, building from one to another, capturing and using their power to create UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM.


A 7-Week LIVE Group Coaching Program
That Will Change Your Life

Join a small group of driven individuals ready to catapult themselves forward and elevate their lives. This program is designed to help you:

Create Winning Moments: Learn the methodology that will harness the power of transformational moments.

Amplify These Moments: Discover the strategy that will extend these moments and create a powerful ripple effect to amplify the impact.

Transform Your Life With These Moments: Learn to build off of each moment creating the MOMENTUM that will catapult you forward and change your life.

Identify Your Unique Value: Learn what separates you from the flock and allows you to get everyone's "First Look."

Align Your Values & Purpose: Aligning your WHAT (values) and WHY (purpose) will make you incredibly resilient and adaptable in any situation.

Develop a Proven Gameplan: Implement a clear, actionable strategy to achieve your career and life goals.

Shift From Surviving to Thriving: Shift from merely getting by to thriving with purpose and passion and RESULTS.



Why This Program Works

Our unique methodology, Moment Moment[um]™, ensures that you can create and capture the power of transformational moments that will catapult your life forward. Over 7 weeks, you'll engage in immersive LIVE group coaching sessions, tailored exercises, and actionable insights that drive unquestionable results.


If you complete the 7-week program and feel for any reason that your life has not been elevated, we will refund every penny. Failure is simply not an option!


This is an exclusive opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals committed to transforming their lives. The urgency is real – this program is designed for those ready to take immediate action. The first 10 people to register receive custom MOMENT[UM] SWAG!

Your Future Starts NOW

Take the leap.
Invest in yourself.
Secure your spot in the
CATAPULT program and ACHIEVE the life and career you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Time is HERE.
Your Time is NOW. Don’t Miss It!


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Brant Menswar stands at the forefront of corporate transformation, masterfully equipping both organizations and individual trailblazers to navigate the current work landscape and ascend to new heights of performance. He is a best-selling author, certified in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, named one of the country's top speakers and is well on his way of achieving his goal of helping 500,000 people discover their non-negotiable values.


His dynamic live events are a fusion of groundbreaking research and powerful narratives that ignite an emotional call to action among attendees. With more than a decade of strategic involvement with elite global brands, Brant has honed an unparalleled expertise in catalyzing connection, sparking engagement, and driving exponential growth.


He has been called "America's Personal Development Coach" having appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and has worked with companies like Netflix, Verizon, Hilton, Microsoft, ESPN, Sony Pictures Entertainment and dozens more to become values-driven organizations. 

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