Brant Menswar is a critically acclaimed author, Top 10 motivational speaker, award-winning musician and podcast host whose transformational talks are described as a:
Powerful Virtual Keynotes

We are in unprecedented times. The uncertainty of the conference landscape at the moment has forced us to innovate. While the ability to gather by the thousands may be challenging for the foreseeable future, that doesn't mean we stop connecting. In fact, it is more important now than ever to feel connected. Brant has designed a powerfully intimate platform to deliver a multi-camera, content rich, sensory filled experience to engage, inspire and drive results.


Every session is customized to the desired content and deliverables for each individual client. The results have been incredible! One recent client saw a 78% reach to views ratio, a 8,000 follower increase and almost 100 new direct inquiries after their client engagement session on social media.

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Just as the band is about to launch into their big hit, an unexpected surge knocks out the power rendering a thousand screaming fans silent in the dark. The lead singer calmly tells everyone to turn on their phone flashlights, walks to the front of the stage, sits down, grabs an acoustic guitar and performs the most incredible version of that song you’ve ever heard. Why didn’t he panic under the unintentional change? How was he able to adapt in an instant and somehow perform even better? True rock stars have discovered the secret to defining the “what and why” so the “how” can pivot on a moment’s notice. The global pandemic has made it more important than ever to be able to adapt quickly and effectively. In this powerful, highly interactive virtual experience, Brant Menswar uses live music, cinematic multi-camera views and engaging chat and videos to reveal the undiscovered path to rock star resilience.

Unique takeaways include:
* How our "Black Sheep Values” guide and strengthen us
* Why our internal “GPS” fails
* How to adapt and consistently pivot when things change

New Virtual 


Attaining Adaptability:
The undiscovered path to rock star resilience

find YOUR

Black Sheep

Unless you can identify your 4 or 5
non-negotiable core values,
you can't do anything "on purpose".
99% of us are WINGING IT.
Finding your "Black Sheep", those 
deeply held core values that, like a
black sheep's wool, can not be
altered, dyed or influenced will
change what's possible.
Speaking your Black Sheep Values into existence with deliberate intention by choosing when and where they appear is the only way to do anything ON PURPOSE.
Brant Menswar is one of the country’s Top 10 Motivational Speakers, a critically acclaimed author, award-winning musician, podcast host, and the CEO and founder of Rock Star Impact, a boutique agency that teaches people and organizations how to cultivate values-based leadership.
His work has influenced the culture of some of the world's leading organizations. Passionate, engaging and transformational, Brant encourages audiences to move forward with deliberate intention. His interactive and entertaining techniques of defining what matters most compel audiences to dive deeper into their lives, identify their Black Sheep Values and speak their life-changing power into existence.
A black sheep’s wool cannot be dyed.
"A black sheep is 100 percent, authentically original. It cannot be influenced, changed or molded into something it isn’t by outside forces. In this powerful new book, author Brant Menswar shows you how to unleash your own black sheep―the five core values that make you who you are―to empower your life.
As a motivational speaker, podcast host and founder and CEO of Rock Star Impact, Brant Menswar has inspired thousands of people to tap into their full potential for success by aligning with their black sheep values. Now, in this high-octane, entertaining how-to guide, he delivers one-of-a-kind wisdom for living the amazing life you were always meant to. You will find out how to identify the non-negotiables that are at your core, to live with deliberate intention and practically manifest what matters to you most. You will discover what makes you an extraordinary original and how being uniquely yourself is a power you can set free for success, every day."

Book Release!

Sept 29th, 2020

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"I have learned over the years that change is inescapable, constant and many times overwhelming. I want to help people adjust and cope with unexpected change. Rock 'N' Roll With It has given me a tool to share with many I love that will help them to better accept the pain of change."
- Delilah (Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality

(*All keynotes are customized to your industry and conference) 
Leading On Purpose: The Undiscovered Truth of Black Sheep Values and Extraordinary Performance
The ancient tactics of engaging employees and driving performance are no longer effective. Today’s diverse workforce wants their personal and professional lives to powerfully align. They want their work to matter. They want purpose. The latest research suggests that employees are most productive when feeling like they have a sense of purpose. So how do you help your people find theirs? By discovering your Black Sheep Values, those deeply held core values that can not be changed, you can choose a purpose that enables you to align and perform at the highest level. In this high-octane, entertaining how-to session, critically acclaimed author and former real life rock star, Brant Menswar, delivers one-of-a-kind wisdom for living the amazing life you were always meant to. You will find out how to identify the non-negotiables that are at your core, to live and lead with deliberate intention and manifest what matters most to you and your organization in a practical and tangible way. You will discover what makes you an extraordinary original and how being uniquely yourself is a power you can set free for success, every day.
Key learning points include:
- The power of Black Sheep Values: Discovering what matters most 
- Becoming conscious creators: The difference between being intentional and acting with deliberate intention
- Speaking success into existence: Programming values into your daily schedule
Unbreakable Leadership: Engaging the Power of Purpose

The world’s greatest illusionist, Harry Houdini, once said, “What our eyes see and our ears hear, our mind believes.” Strong leaders learn to control those everyday illusions by filtering outside influences and acting with deliberate intention. In this high-energy, interactive presentation, Brant Menswar shows you how to do that immediately and effectively on a daily basis. He illustrates that – despite what we’ve been told – we all need to start with our “What” in order for our “Why” to be accurate. Discover how to identify your non-negotiables in order to amplify and align with your organizational values. With his Rock 'N' Roll infused session, Brant shows audiences how to forge unbreakable leaders and empower them to choose their purpose.
Key learning points include:
- Why our purpose is hiding and how we find it
- Discovering our non-negotiables (Core Values) 
- The secret to amping up commitment level
- Turning Organizational Values into unforgettable anthems
- Aligning personal and organizational core values
"Brant was the perfect choice as we were looking for something a little different than the "standard" presentation. He delivered a raw, emotional and powerful presentation that incorporated his love of music in a compelling and unique way. His presentation provided impactful take aways that attendees could incorporate both into their professional and personal lives. We only received rave reviews after the program. In fact his presentation was a constant topic of conversation over the next several days. It was a big hit!"
"Brant Menswar was our keynote at our recent Annual Meeting. Our members had a real treat this year! His passionate presentation touched and inspired all. Our business leaders and HR professionals left this program motivated and thinking about personal and organizational core values in a whole different light. Incredibly impactful and just sensational!!"
"Genuine, authentic, powerful and so on point. Brant delivered a presentation that was a roller coaster of emotion and resonated so incredibly well with our Nothing Bundt Cakes family. Our people were blown-away by the presentation and accompanying workshop. They couldn’t get enough of him. If you want to impact your company’s culture and get your people focused on defining their core values and reason for existence, start here. Brant’s message is transformational and we can’t wait to work with him again!"
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